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Alloy ?Steel

Alloy steel is ideally suited for applications that require higher strength, improved toughness or better wear resistance than standard carbon steel grades。 The choice of an alloy steel is often determined by the tensile strength and ruling section of the steel。 Other considerations are the wear resistance and impact properties of the steel。 The mechanical properties achievable are dependent on the addition of elements such as nickel, chromium, molybdenum and vanadium。 Other factors to be taken in to consideration are the availability of the alloy steel。 The majority of alloy steel specifications are only available in diameters。

Popular grades we supply

EN16T | EN19T | EN24T | EN26W | EN30B | EN31 | EN32 | EN36 | EN40B | EN41B |

605M36T | 709M40T | 708M40T | 817M40T | 826M40W | 835M30 | 535A99 | 655M13 | 722M24 | 905M39 |

4130 | 4140 | 4145 | 4330V | 4340 | 8620 | 6150

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